The DOTS project (Distributed Open Timed Systems), funded by the French National Agency for Research, is focused on the combinations of three aspects of concurrent systems:

  • timing and, more generally, quantitative requirements involved in real time or probabilistic systems,
  • interactions between open systems and their environment,
  • communications between components of distributed systems.

While these features are rather well understood when considered separately, there remain challenging issues in their combinations. The aim of the DOTS project was precisely to develop verification and control methods for such systems. The main techniques involved in this project are based on games and partial orders.

The purpose of this workshop is to gather researchers interested in modeling and analysis of concurrent systems featuring at least two of the above aspects. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Modeling formalisms like timed and/or probabilistic automata, timed and/or distributed games: semantic properties, verification methods and partial order based techniques,
  • Control or diagnosis problems with possible quantitative requirements for such models: synthesis, robustness and implementability,
  • Security problems in this context: modelling of distributed and/or timed non interference or covert channels, verification and synthesis, with possible relations to information theory,
  • Case studies involving complex systems.

Current Workshop

International Workshop on Distributed Open Timed Systems (DOTS'10) is organized by the DOTS project.